Value Added Programs

Reach for the Stars

Aware of the major challenges facing the healthcare industry, we support independent pharmacies and their pharmacists, through the program of Reach for the Stars, to ensure care and achieve better quality of care for their patients. In compliance with the quality standards set by CMS is essential to ensure the performance expected by health insurance plans. In the Face of the great challenges coming ahead, it is vital to have the necessary tools to address the changes in our industry.

Reimbursement Consulting Services (RCS)

Reimbursement Consulting Services will help your pharmacy obtain additional revenue through the generation of specific reports and custom reports. Additionally you will receive useful recommendations provided by a personal advisor. Benefits include personalized data analysis, consulting services and other benefits.

The right medication, the right dose, at the right time

What is Dispill®?

Dispill® is a multidose low-cost packaging solution that allows pharmacies to offer prescribed medication to patients in an all-inclusive blister pack. To view the demonstration videos about these products offered exclusively through Cardinal Health, please visit tha following link

MedSync Advantage™

Cardinal Health MedSync Advantage™ offers a new opportunity of medication adherence for the patient. The solution with web platform is designed with this practice in mind. As well as knowledge of the owners of independent pharmacies.

This results in an easier identification of patients eligible to synchronize, which provides a faster patient care. In addition, coordinating a monthly appointment to inquire about current medications, can lead to opportunities to establish and grow the pharmacist-patient relationship.

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