Medical Equipment

Cardinal Health PR offers a variety of medical and surgical products of the different brands preferred by doctors and healthcare experts to ensure the best patient care.


  • Infection Control
  • Patient Care
  • Skin and Wound Management
  • Anesthesia
  • Women and Babies
  • Gloves
  • Orthopedic


  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Monitoring
  • Clinical Laboratory


Cordis acquisition brings together two major players in the healthcare industry, creating a unique combined offering in the cardiovascular space guaranteeing greater access to products and services worldwide.

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Cold Chain

We offer an innovative range of packaging solutions for cold drugs in order to satisfy the geographical, environmental and transportation needs.

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Track and Trace

Cardinal Health is committed to combating counterfeiting, contamination and adulteration of prescription drugs. We continue to work every day to provide our customers the resources necessary to ensure that the drug supply chain is safe. Under the law "Drug Supply Chain Security Act" (DSCSA), we provide our clients a online tool, 24 x 7, at no cost , to access the reports of prescription drugs purchased through Cardinal Health Puerto Rico.

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