Pharmaceutical Products

Cardinal Health provides high quality and cost-efficient pharmaceutical products. We also offer radiopharmaceuticals, specialized pharmaceuticals, generics, prescribed medications and over-the-counter. Our products meet the diverse needs of customers.


  • Babies
  • First Aid
  • Vitamins
  • Cold & Cough
  • Cosmetics
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Health
  • Braces and supports

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  • Family planning
  • Pain Relief
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Wet & Dry
  • Aids to Daily Living
  • Batteries
  • Shaving Needs
  • Foot Care
  • Suncare
  • Hair Care
  • Home Diagnostic
  • Hot & Cold Therapy
  • Oral Care
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Skin Care
  • Among Others

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  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Thyroid
  • Colesterol
  • HIV
  • Vaccination
  • Specialized Pharmaceuticals
  • Others
For more information please contact us
Metro Area: 787.625.4200
Toll-free: 800.981.4699
Fax: 787.625.4398

Nuclear Pharmacy

Cardinal Health has and operates the largest network of Radio Pharmacies and has its own Nuclear Pharmacy in Puerto Rico.

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Nuclear Pharmacy

Cardinal Health believes every minute counts for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. In these times of uncertainty, patients are confident that their doctor will provide safe and reliable results. Cardinal Health is present at every stage of their treatment, helping to determine the state or diagnosis of disease and monitoring treatment outcomes, through specific radioisotopes.

Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy Services (NPS), is the industry's largest nuclear pharmacy and leads the market with more than 145 nuclear pharmacies in the United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. NPS Puerto Rico has been honored internationally with the Safety Innovation Award prize in 2015 and locally by The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association.

The Radiopharmacy or Nuclear Pharmacy is a specialized area in the branch of science devoted to the study, development, preparation / composition, control and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals, both in industrially and hospital.

Radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive drugs) are used in studies of nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy specializes in providing multiple services within their geographic markets, giving customers: cost control, efficiency of materials and broad product access for the direct benefit of their clients / patients.

Specific doses for patients are dispensed and delivered to hospitals and imaging departments, cardiology and oncology clinics by a large fleet of drivers duly certified for the transport and handling of this type of material. The images or scans of each dose, provide important information about how the body is functioning.

NPS is involved in new research and clinical trials, through partnerships with pharmaceutical researchers and academic organizations. These innovative partnerships will accelerate the development and commercialization of new imaging agents.

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Cold Chain

We offer an innovative range of packaging solutions for cold drugs in order to satisfy the geographical, environmental and transportation needs.

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Track and Trace

Cardinal Health is committed to combating counterfeiting, contamination and adulteration of prescription drugs. We continue to work every day to provide our customers the resources necessary to ensure that the drug supply chain is safe. Under the law "Drug Supply Chain Security Act" (DSCSA), we provide our clients a online tool, 24 x 7, at no cost , to access the reports of prescription drugs purchased through Cardinal Health Puerto Rico

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